Thursday, March 14, 2019

Embrace the Supernatural

I experienced many traumatic supernatural experiences as a child. The church should not shun but embrace the supernatural.

Open Your Eyes book  ;
Institutional church shuns the supernatural;
Bible is a supernatural Book;
Demonic Night Terrors, Astral projection, telekinesis;
Church pushed me to the New Age;
New Agers think Christians don't understand the Bible;
New Agers use Christian sounding words;
Psychics and diviners predicting future (acts 16);
Psychics and Familiar Spirits;
The soul is not physical - can't be quantified;
Multiple Personality disorder and the demonic;
Mom and Dad went to seances;
Don't mix Christianity with the demonic;
The generational curse;
Dad taught me how to pray;
Hearing God as a young boy;
My "Open Your Eyes" encounter in 1995;
Suppressing the voice of God;
The demonic realm versus the Kingdom of God;
You must be born again to see the Kingdom of God;

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