Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cessationist Pastor Gets Healed Part 1

Cessationist Pastor gets healed;

Audio taken from a FacebookLive Video;
One of my friends prayed for a pastor of a cessationist denominations and they got healed.  In this podcast, i touch on that and explore some common denominators of great men of faith. Like Smith Wigglesworth, John Alexander Dowie, William Seymour, Charles Finney, John G Lake, and George Muller.

Part one of a two-part series;
I grew up in Cessationist denomination;
Link to my book with my testimony; ;
Garry Prays for cessationist pastor;
Pastor sees Doug pray for a lady that was healed;
God orchestrates our steps;
Approaching people with the Gospel;
God showing up at school auditorium;
Common denominators of great men of God;
They prayed for a long amount of time;
Waiting on God;
Walking after the Spirit;
They read the bible a lot;
Prioritizing God;
Devil says "I will," Jesus says "Thy will";
Radical Faith;

Azusa Street
William Seymour
Charles Finney
Smith Wigglesworth
John Alexander Dowie
John G. Lake     
George Müller 

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