Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cessationist Pastor Gets Healed Part 2 - Garry Nesbit Interview

This is part two of Cessationist pastor gets healed. Interview with Garry Nesbit.

Garry explains the encounter ;
The cessationist cousin saw it and got saved;
Garry explains why cessationism is so predominant;
Why healings are not happening in church much;
People ignore healings and miracles;
Spirit of doubt and unbelief choking the word;
Form of godliness while denying the power;
Miracles at the VA Hospital;
Garry talks about doctors and faith;
Jesus put out the unbelievers before raising the dead;
Persecution from the 'church';
Why Mark 16 'signs of a believer' aren't common;
The Spirit during one on one ministry;
Healing and the prophetic causes division;
Throwing caution to the wind and believing God;
Demas and everyone forsook Paul;
Love of money and tickling ears;
Garry prays us out;
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