Sunday, August 25, 2019

Conrad & Susan Celebrate 6 Years of Marriage

Susan and I debate about where we originally met whether it be on Twitter or on Google Plus.   but one thing's for sure, we began talking to each other on one of my #QuestionsThatRock posts on Google Plus

I was asking about the difference between being a disciple of Christ  and a follower of Christ.  That's how it all began.

We met in person in Austin Texas on August 25th, 2012.   She is @ConservativeSue on Twitter, so it made sense for us to meet at the State Capitol.  Here she is next to the Ten Commandments.

We were married a year later in Lampasas Texas by her father Curtis Petrey.  This Picture was taken in Kempner Texas at a fabulous little barbecue place.  (Jeannette, Chris, Nancy, Curtis, Zach, C.J. Me and Susan.)

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