Friday, August 30, 2019

Biblicial Protocol for Having Ought agains our Brother

There is a biblical protocol in Matt 18 about having an ought against our brother.


Matt 7:2 we determine the judgment meted back to us;
Giving the benefit of the doubt so we get the same treatment;
Matt 7:3 Why are we even looking at the mote in our brother's eye?:
We have our beams to deal with! ;
Casting out our beam before we deal with the speck;
Love should be the motivation;
Don't deal with people outside the church;
Don't be the accuser or stir up strife, but walk in love;
Serious ought, not a trivial ought;
Go to them privately;
Don't become the problem! ;
Examine your motivation;
Get mentors you both respect if possible - not sons of Belial;
Mentors, might show us that we are in error! ;
People seem to ALWAYS leave something out in their suit! ;
Be guided by the Holy Spirit and scripture;
Spirit and the Word agree;
The fornicator of Corinth was a big deal ;
Corinthians had some problems, but encouraged each other;
Gal 6:1 Those of you who are spiritual restore the one overtaken in a fault;
Spirit of meekness, considering we could have fallen too! ;
Rom 14:4 who are we to judge another man's servant anyways?;
Matt 18:15-17 protocol on judging;
1Ti 5:19 receive not an accusation against an elder but with witnesses;
Jesus continues in Matthew 18 without changing subject;
Parable of the unforgiving servant Matthew 18;
Unforgiveness turns disciples over to the tormentors;
Prayers hindered through unforgiveness Mark 11;
1 Corinthians 6 - Lawsuit against believers;
Don't go before unbelievers with your suit;
Let the church judge;
Rather take the wrong, be defrauded;
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