Saturday, August 31, 2019

Identifying and BINDING the Strongman!

Identifying and Binding the Strongman.

Before we can bind the strongman and throw him out, we need to identify him.

Show Notes:

Prayer walk to clear my mind; 
Matt 12:28-30 binding the strong man to spoil his goods;
How to identify the strong man;
I do this exterior sin because -> strong man;
My experience with panic attacks and the strong man;
The Lord hasn't given us a spirit of fear;
Permitting fear to beat us up;
I had to find the strong man;
Hosea 4:6 God's people are destroyed by lack of knowledge;
Jesus gives us keys to the kingdom we need to use ;
Eph 6 We are the ones that need to put on the armor of God;
Being able to see the spirit of fear from a distance;
The strong man is over the exterior sins;
Gen 4:7 says we need to rule over sin and there is a door;
James 4:7 we need to submit to God and resist the devil;
Two types of deliverance - supernatural and walking it out;
Matt 12:43-45 unclean spirit wants to go back to his house;
Deliverance is the children's bread ;
Vision of the wooden fence with scripture on each beam;
Matt 7:3-5 the beam and the mote in the eye;
Matt 4 and Luke 4 Jesus wielded the Word against satan's rationale;
Eph 6 The Spirit wields the Sword in our warfare;
Keeping a warfare journal ;
We have to know the scriptures - know God! ;
Writing down the lies and countering it with The Word;
2 Cor 10:5 casting down vain imaginations against the knowledge of God;
Continuing in the Word of God and being Jesus disciples John 8:31-32;
Then we will know the truth and are made free! ;
In warfare the root or strongman will eventually be exposed;
Fouls of the air that come to steal the word in Mark 4;
As a man thinks in our hear so are we Prov 23:7;
My television experience and it conforming me to the world;
Rom 12:1 it is reasonable to live for Jesus ;
Rom 12:2 renew our mind and don't be conformed to the world;
Satan is the Father of LIES! ;
I was leading worship while listening to heavy metal;
Acts 19:19 they burned their curious arts so mightily grew the word of God;
2 Tim 2 We are to purge ourselves of iniquity to be meet for Master's use;
My heavy metal bonfire and deliverance;

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