Saturday, September 28, 2019

Preventing Apostasy! Making sure our loved ones don't go to hell!

Friends don't let friends go to hell. 

 Preventing apostasy in our sphere of influence. In our families and friends. Can it be done? I explore this in this podcast.

Preventing Apostasy Show Notes:

We are to disciple, not entertain;
1 cor 2:4,5 wisdom of men versus the power of God;
Mark 4:16,17 stony ground no root within themselves;
Persecution arises for the word's sake;
Apostasy is going to happen anyway;
Pascal's wager is NOT a relationship with God;
Know Jesus - means personal relationship;
1 john 2.19,20 they were not of us, they were goats;
You have an unction, the Holy Spirit,
They were discipled up to that point;
Spiritual progression;
1 John 2:27 John teaches them they no longer need a teacher;
John 6:66 disciples fall away even from Jesus;
Heb 6:4-6 once enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift;
And the powers of the world to come ;
Intellectual assent vs having the Spirit of God;
Those that know God will do exploits Daniel 11:32;
Don't sound like a used car salesman;
Progressive baptisms;
Acts 19 repentance, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Fire;
He found disciples before they were filled with the spirit;
What do we do to prevent this? ;
We need to personally mentor people;
Prophetic mentoring in 1 Corinthians 14;
Wading into Ezekiels 47 river and growing in God;
Fellowship and prayer;
Jesus is in the midst of people gathering in his name Matt 18:20;
Worship - not Isaiah 14 entertainment;
Circle worship Moses and David around the tabernacle;
Spirit songs - ;

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