Friday, October 4, 2019

Buddhists, Mormons, and Jesus | Jonnathan Zin Truong Book Interview

Jonnathan grew up Buddhist and was radically saved by Jesus Christ. He talks about his new book release which deals with the abuse that he suffered and his current relationship with God.

Show Notes:

Houston is a prophetic hub;
Born and raised Buddhist;
Jonnathan talks about his current ministry;
Challenging one another and growing;
Writing stories about his abuse with his counselor;
God healed him from dyslexia;
The brutal honesty about his abusive childhood;
The struggle putting the abuse portion is his book;
Foretelling the future while being Buddhist;
Monks thought he was a reincarnation of a buddha;
Upcoming series on prophetic evangelism;
Following the spirit in business;
Hearing and following the spirit;
Not Buddhist not Mormon - Jesus Only;
Pray and prophesy on Sundays;
Jonathan prays us out;

Jonnathan on facebook
GodManfest Website 
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