Saturday, November 16, 2019

False Light - Don't fall for Lying Signs and Wonders!

False Light - Don't Fall for it!

Don't fall for false signs and wonders!

Beings of light show up at a conference, and I dicsuss a very revelaing dream I had about it.

Show Notes:

Christians should strive for spiritual discernment;
Light beings showing up at a new-age type conference;
Science is joining the New Age;
The bible talks about the power of the mind Mark 11:22-26;
Placebo works because of belief;
I had many supernatural experiences as a child;
From New Age to Christian;
Deut13:1-5 prophets leading people astray;
False signs and wonders in the bible;
Well-intentioned, but leading people away from Jesus;
Jesus emphasizes faith in God and forgiveness;
A lot of the supernatural is demonic;
My dream about these beings of light;
2 Cor 11:13-15 False apostles appearing as angels of light;
God is the Father of lights James 1:7;
Lucifer means light-bringer;
Psychics and Tarot card readers never point to Jesus;


Power of the Human Mind Biblically Speaking

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