Saturday, November 23, 2019

Should Christians Meditate?

The benefits of meditation. The difference between the New Age Meditation and Biblical Mediation. Quakers and how they worship, and my conclusion of "Should Christians Meditate? "

Show Notes:
Joe Dispenza meditation workshops are drawing attention;
Human Mind is powerful;
Health benefits of meditation;
Difference between Eastern Meditation and Biblical Meditation;
Biblical meditation passages;
Romans 12:1,2 Transform the mind;
Psalm 46:10 Being still and knowing God;
Joshua 1:8 God commands Joshua to meditate;
Satan's selfish distraction in Isaiah 14;
Isaiah 26:3 staying our mind on God;
Learn not the ways of the heathen Jer 10:2 and Deut 12:29,32;
Acts 13 and the quaking Quakers;
My experience in New Age meditation practices;
Different Brain wave states and meditation;
Christian Meditation does not focus on getting into trance;
The Word is The Way to the Spirit of God the Father;
Meditating on the precepts of God;
Meditating on the words and the original Hebrew Letters;
Christians are to meditate in biblical fashion;

Power of the Human Mind
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