Saturday, November 9, 2019

Nick Serre - Prophetic Evangelism Interview

Continuing in the series "Prophetic Evangelism" I interview Nick Serre from Canada.

Show Notes:

Sola Scriptura and following the Spirit;
Don't need to be a prophet to prophesy;
Discerning God's voice through relationship;
Waiting on the Lord;
Being led by the Spirit during evangelism;
Treasure hunting approach;
Spending time in the prayer closet;
How to pray for healing;
Ignoring the prompting to pray for someone;
How to approach people;
Reasons we miss it - discernment;
Different sources of information in the spirit realm;
The Spirit empowers us to do His Will;
Evangelizing at a Marylin Manson concert;
Reading the book versus doing what the book says;
Authority is given for us to Go! ;
Dare to take the step of faith;
Huddling after spiritual encounters;
Nick prays for the listeners;

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