Saturday, November 2, 2019

Spiritual Mentors and Spiritual Warfare

Sometimes we need Mature Spiritual Mentors to help us wage good warfare!

Show Notes:
A recent vision of dogs;
Spiritual mentor had a very similar dream;
Realizing we have authority over the enemy;
My faith against an attacking pitbull!;
Are we purging the old dog out of us?;
Purging ourselves to be vessels for God 2 Tim 2;
My victory over panic attacks and depression;
The root of the panic attack fruit;
How the devil tricks us into agreeing with him;
Spiritual Warfare Journal;
Ephesians 6 examination ;
The Lord allows us to go through trials (Peter and Job);
Faith and quoting scripture against the devil;
Spiritual Mentors in James ;
Lady killed by demons;
Galatian's spiritual mentors restore those overtaken;
Mentors seem to show up out of nowhere;
Elisha solved Naman's leprosy problem spiritually;
Mentors that I have had in my life;
Hebrews, Jesus, and John on spiritual maturity;
Praying for the listeners about mentorship;
Matt 7 removing the beam and wise counsel;

Master Your Panic Book
Identify and Bind the Strong Man
Spiritual Warfare Journal

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