Saturday, February 15, 2020

Effective Prayer - Facebook Chimes in!

I posted a question on Facebook asking followers about their tips on effectual prayer.

Show Notes:

Rachel says something happens when she prays for others;
James 5:16 says to pray for one another;
William says to pray scripture back to God;
Isaiah 55:11 GOds word comes like rain;
Many people mentioned persistence in prayer;
The widow and the unjust judge Luke 18;
Luke 11 and the persistent man that needed bread;
Marshall says faith is the key;
Mustard seed faith luke 17:6 and Luke 13:18,19;
Faith works by love Gal 5:6;
Cindy says to pray in the spirit;
Stefanie says spirit led prayer with the word;
Groaning intercession;
Jesus groaned before raising Lazarus John 11:33;
Rom 8:26 the spirit groans effective prayer;
Bobby quotes according to God's will in 1 John 5:14-15;
Carol says be intimate and spend time with God;
Hosea 5:15 God lets things get tough so we seek Him;
Heb 11:6 God rewards those that seek Him diligently;
Jesus urges the church to go back to their first love Revelation 2:4-5;
Praying the Psalms;

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Praying the Psalms
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