Saturday, April 25, 2020

Are we exalting the flag over Jesus?

We were going for a walk down a street that means Good View and I saw a flag hanging over a cross. And the words "We are exalting the flag over Jesus" came out of my mouth. I had some more confirmations from friends quickly after that.

Show Notes:

Walking down a street that means Good Vision! ;
Exalting the flag above Jesus;
Two or Three confirmations;
China taking down crosses above the flag;
Francis Bellamy and the pledge of Allegiance;
Spanish Flu killed 675 Thousand Americans;
Azusa Street Revival began in a home;
Looking to everyone but God for answers;
"Under God" not added til 1954;
Original Bellamy Salute looked like Nazi and Fascist Salute;
The spirit behind it all;
Exodus 20:4-5 not serving idols;
Luke 4:5-8 Only serve God;
Prophetic Facebook comment by Diane M. Holstein;
The football dream comes up again;
2Ch 7:13-14 God's prescription for saving His people;


Fox news article;
Bellamy Salute

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