Saturday, May 9, 2020

Missing God - A good idea or a GOD idea?

How do we know that we are hearing from God? My experiences and some bible experiences coming your way in this podcast.

Show Notes:
Is it a good idea? or a God idea?;.
Psalm 127 Except the Lord build the house we are wasting our time;
God still speaks from heaven Heb 12;25;
Zeal without knowledge;
Follower comments from Facebook;
Lori - wanted her husband to change;
Christin - wanted to go to church class;
Randy and the sovereignty of God;
Missing it and getting sick? What?;
Paul left Trophimus sick 2 Tim 4:20;
Rev 2:22 Jesus casts church members in sickbed? ;
Drinking the cup of Christ unworthily and getting sick 1 Cor 11:24-30;
Act 9:15-16 Suffering is part of the Christian walk;
Many confirmations before I moved to Florida;
Tempting God to get out of it;
Gideon developing his relationship through confirmations;
Jesus Jam Texas event confirmations;
Lucifer's 5 I wills versus Jesus' Thy Will;
The dream about Pascagoula;
Where God guides, God provides;
Joshua not praying about the Gibeonites;
Abraham and Sarah having an Ishmael;
1 Sam 13, Samuel and King Saul;
If then conjecture used by the devil Matt 4;
James 4:13-15 buying and selling without seeking God? ;
2 or 3 witnesses - give me confirmations Judges 6:17;
Acts 16 - the spirit led Paul to Macedonia;
Acts 13 - corporately seeking God and then doing His will;
1 Kings 17:1-10 good passage on Elijah;
1 Samuel 14:6-14 Jonathan and the armor-bearer;

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