Saturday, June 13, 2020

Purging Iniquity - there is Victory!

Struggling with iniquity even though you confess Jesus is Lord? There is victory. Bringing some scriptures your way today! 

 That check in our spirit is what we need to work on; 
 Thoughts precede actions; 
 Living the Abundant Life ; 
Get control of our thoughts before they control us; 
 We choose what to think Phil 4:8; 
 Cognitive therapy and the bible; 
 Intrapersonal dialogue like God in Genesis 1; 
1Pe 2:24 living to righteousness; 
 2Ti 2:25-26 opposing ourselves and snare of the devil; 
 2Ti 2:19-23 the believer purges themselves to be a meet vessel; 
 2Co 7 we clean ourselves ; 
 1Pe 1:22 purifying our souls; 
 Holiness and the root of bitterness Heb 12:14-15; 
 Soil and the Sower of the Word Mar 4:3-9; 
 Be Still know God Psalm 46:10; 
 We are our thoughts Prov 23:7; 
 Seeking God in our introspection; 
 Psa 77:6 searching the heart diligently; 
 Psa 4:4 communing with our heart; 
 Psa 63:5-6 meditating on God; 
 Rom 12:1-2 Transform our minds; 
Smith Wigglesworth says to clean the heart!; 
 AA Allen says to clean the heart! ; 


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