Saturday, June 27, 2020

Consequences for Ignoring the Heart

Not confessing negative things with our mouth can possibly lead to ignoring important heart issues.

Show Notes:

Think on Good things Phil 4:8;
Pitfalls of not resolving heart issues;
Torment Matt 18:32-35;
Prayers not being heard Ps 66:18;
1 Pet 3:7 hindered prayer;
Unconscious mind running the show;
Max Planck Institute Study;
Heart trumps willpower;
2Ti 2:25-26 recovering ourselves out of the snare of the devil;
Johns Hopkins on forgiveness;
Unforgiveness leads to diseases;
How to forgive;
Mayo Clinic on forgiveness;
Unforgiveness and disease;
The act of forgiveness;
Follower Facebook comments;

Here is the Facebook Post mentioned in the podcast.  

What are the consequences of not dealing with resentment or unforgiveness in our hearts?

Posted by Conrad Carriker on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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