Saturday, July 11, 2020

Pondering the Meaning of Life

Pondering the meaning of life during a swim. Lot's of juicy tidbits in this podcast thought experiment.  I might actually be on to something here!   

Show Notes:

What is the meaning of life?;
People's names that last centuries; 
Absalom's posterity and a pile of rocks; 
Making a difference in the world; 
Mass murderers and history; 
Achilles in the movie Troy impacted me; 
Even tombstones fade away; 
Paul and winning the prize Php 3:14; 
Obtaining in the race 1 Co 9:24; 
Love in 1 Cor 13 is the motivation; 
Wanting to be remembered is rooted in selfishness; 
Subtract love and we are clanging cymbals; 
Love is in BOTH the greatest commandments;
Hearing "Well done"!  by Jesus; 
Knowing Jesus is eternal life John 17:3;

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