Saturday, August 29, 2020

Garry Nesbit Testimony for Jesus! Healed from Stage 4 Cancer!

Miracle healing for evangelist Garry Nesbit from stage 4 cancer! 


show notes:
Stage Four Cancer; 
Months to live; 
Losing weight fast; 
The moment he got the prognosis; 
The symptoms; 
A test of faith; 
Ready to be with Jesus; 
Preaching form the hospital bed; 
The tumor wouldn't let Garry sleep; 
Getting serious with God; 
The Miracle; 


Here is another Interview about Garry's miraculous healing! 



  1. This was just so amazing! Great testimony. 4 weeks into finding out I got bone cancer Sarcoma tumor on left hip bone...I'd say my FAITH Will carry me though!🙏❤