Saturday, August 29, 2020

Garry Nesbit Testimony for Jesus! Healed from Stage 4 Cancer!

From Stage 4 Cancer to Miraculous Healing: An Incredible Story of Faith

Evangelist Gary Nesbitt has an amazing testimony of God's healing power that will inspire your faith. Diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer, Gary was given just months left to live by doctors. But he kept his trust in God even during the darkest moments of his illness. 


Gary shares his incredible journey from expecting death to receiving a miraculous healing from the Lord. 

Despite being weak and close to giving up all hope, Gary had an encounter with God's presence that changed everything.

One night in the hospital, Gary felt compelled to get up and dance before the Lord, praising God even in his dire circumstances. After this simple act of faith, Gary sensed a supernatural healing taking place in his body. The next day, tests confirmed that the large cancerous tumor was totally gone!

Gary's oncologist was stunned, admitting "I'll be darned, it's gone!" When just weeks before, the doctor had felt the sizeable tumor himself. This immediate and complete healing could only be explained as a miracle from God.

What can we learn from Gary's story? No matter how desperate your health circumstances may seem, keep holding on to your faith. God still performs miracles today! Gary's testimony is an inspiring reminder that with God, nothing is impossible. Even stage 4 cancer can be healed in an instant. 

So be encouraged today that your prayers have power. God is still in the business of bringing healing, hope and new life. Listen to the full podcast to hear more of Gary's journey and be strengthened in your faith!


Here is another Interview about Garry's miraculous healing! 



  1. This was just so amazing! Great testimony. 4 weeks into finding out I got bone cancer Sarcoma tumor on left hip bone...I'd say my FAITH Will carry me though!🙏❤

  2. Amen. Thank you for sharing!