Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How to Overcome Fear for Jesus


Overcoming Fear

Do something that scares you for Jesus! The bible has quite a bit to say about overcoming fear. 

Becoming Bold for Jesus 

Pondering 2 Timothy 1:7 ;
God hasn't given us a spirit of fear - then who did? ;
God gave us the spirit of love and power and sound mind;
Don't be a prisoner to fear, which is a prisoner of satan;
Rev 21:7,8 overcoming fear and unbelief;
the first two on the list are fear and unbelief;
if we believe we will overcome fear by love;
Preaching is to be done to unbelievers Rom 10;
We went street preaching even though we were afraid;
Do not be a prisoner to fear;
If we believe what Jesus said, we will do it;

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