Saturday, October 3, 2020

Learning through Creation


As I was driving home I wanted to talk about learning through content creation. When we read or listen we need to be active and do it with the intent of making disciples. Here is a Facebook live video which I believe is share worthy the on the blog. Please forgive the sound quality because I was driving.

Video Notes:

Reverse Engineering making disciples; 
We must discipline ourselves first; 
Don't become a passive collector of content;  
Be doers and not just hearers of the Word James 1:22; 
Jesus says to keep His words Matthew 7:24-27; 
Spirit quickened the book of Zechariah; 
Spirit sows together tapestries of doctrine; 
Study with the purpose of making disciples; 
Open your mouth and I will fill it; 
God teaches us as we speak or work the field; 
The catalyst that sparks the chain of revelation;  
We learn as we yoke up with Jesus and work the field; 
Spirit of Truth illuminates scriptures ;

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