Saturday, October 23, 2021

Spiritual Apologetics - Is Something Missing?

Spiritual Apologetics 

Have you ever felt like something was missing in a Christian setting? Maybe there is!

 Spiritual Apologetics  

I am NOT bashing apologetics
Apologetics is valuable but not the end-all;
Mentors should have the signs of a believer;
Acts 16 following the spirit to Macedonia;
The Spirit reveals 1Co 2:10;
The natural man doesn't receive spiritual 1Co 2:14;
Physical reality is mostly space;
Mockers sort to reality by senses Jud 1:18-20;
The carnal mind fights God Rom 8:5-8;
God must be known and worshipped in spirit Joh 4:22-24;
A man with experience trumps rationale;
Demonstration of Spirit and Power 1Co 2:4-5;

Marty Sampson Apostasy  Did Marty have a spiritual relationship with the Biblical Jesus?  

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