Saturday, October 30, 2021

Water Witching - Divination? Scripture, Science, and some witches weigh in

Water Witching or Dowsing is Divination

Water Witching or Dowsing show notes:

Twitter Lady told me about Coraline;
Christians think that Water Witching is ok;
Wiki definitions ;
pseudo science and divination;
Dowsing Originated possibly in Germany ;
Dowsing Condemned by Martin Luther; 
Myth Busters says Dowsing is bogus; 
Ars Technica says Dowsing is pure chance; 
The German Experiment proving dowsing is chance; 
Christian Research Institute  - Dowsing is Divination; 
Acts 16:16-19 spirit  of divination cast out; 
Zech 10:2 God warns against divination; 
Hosea 4:12 condemns Dowsing;  
Numbers 20 difference between divination and God directing; 
 Deuteronomy 18:10,14  forbids Divination; 
President of Dowsing society says it is witchcraft; 
John Mac Arthur says Dowsing is Divination; 
Witch using dowsing rods to contact ghost; 
Same dowsing rods for Ghosts AND water witching; 
Psychic uses dowsing rods to talk to the dead; 

Water Witching Facebook Posts 

Magic and Demons | John MacArthur 
Got questions - On Dowsing 

Dowsing Rods are also used in Contacting Spirits

The pictures below show that witches and psychics are using dowsing rods, the very same rods used for water witching to contact spirits.  

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