Saturday, November 20, 2021

Dreams Have Purpose - Are YOU Paying Attention?

Dreams can be important!

We have many dreams in our life. Some are instructions from the Lord.

Dreams are often neglected

Dreams are neglected but important in the Christian life;
A certain Dream keeps coming to my mind;
It was a course correction dream;
Dream versus Night Vision;
Job 33:14-18 God gives us dreams for instruction;
Dreams keep us from selfish purpose;
Matt 7:21-23 didn't have a spiritual relationship with God;
Gen 20 God talks with Abimelech in a dream;
God instructs Abimelech on what to do in a dream;
Dreams reveal our true nature;
God speaks to heathen Kings in dreams;
Joseph knows about double dream confirmation;
Daniel wrote his dream down;
Pilate's wife had a warning dream about Jesus;
Wise men from East warned in a dream;
Joseph warned in dreams to fulfill prophecy;

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