Saturday, August 20, 2022

Overcoming Self Loathing

Getting vulnerable

Join Conrad as he shares his personal story of overcoming self-loathing and learning to forgive himself. In this vulnerable and intimate episode of "Coffee with Conrad," Conrad discusses how the spirit of God quickened something within him that shifted his perspective and changed his life. He talks about the importance of knowing the truth and experiencing it intimately, which can lead to a guiltless freedom and healthy fear of the Lord. Conrad also shares his own struggles with unforgiveness and how he learned to let go of his past mistakes and move forward in freedom. If you struggle with self-hatred or unforgiveness, this episode is a must. 

Show Notes:

Loathing an aspect of myself;
I couldn't forgive myself for a past sin;
God showed me I was NO LONGER that person;
God quickened 1 Cor 6:9-11 for me;
Appropriating the forgiveness for real;
Unforgiveness leads to skewed perspective;
Forgiving from the heart not just the mind;
God gave me a dream quickening forgiveness;
Tools I meditate on for forgiveness;

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