Saturday, August 13, 2022

Joseph McFarland Testimony for Jesus!

 Interview with TEAMJESUS evangelist Joseph McFarland. He had a healing miracle he wants to share!


Here are bullet point show notes for the podcast transcript:
 - Joseph was one of the first people to get COVID-19 when it first started being talked about;
 - The virus attacked weaknesses in Joseph's body and he turned yellow, found out he had hepatitis B and C which were attacking his liver;
 - Joseph struggled emotionally, questioned his faith in God, wondered why he wasn't being healed when praying for others;
 - Joseph's symptoms got worse over time - extreme fatigue, bowel issues, swelling, loss of strength;
 - Joseph struggled to keep his job, relied on God to give him strength to get through each day of work; - Joseph's coworkers noticed he looked different and wasn't performing to his normal standard;
 - A pallet jack rolled over Joseph's foot at work, crushing it, but miraculously he was uninjured;
 - Joseph's wife told him he looked pale and should get his hepatitis levels rechecked;
 - When getting his blood drawn, Joseph apologized to Jesus for mistreating his blood that Jesus gave him;
 - The clinic called with shock that Joseph's liver was normal and no hepatitis detected;
 - Joseph got paperwork confirming he no longer had detectable hepatitis B or C;
 - Joseph believes he was healed right after Conrad moved away, when his strength returned;
 - Joseph learned to always be patient with God, never give up on God, all things are possible with God; 
 - Joseph encourages others going through illness to align their heart with their mouth in faith;
 - Joseph prayed for others' healings from cancer, hepatitis, broken hearts, finances;
 - Joseph misses ministering with Conrad but sees their separation like Paul and Barnabas.

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