Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bystander Syndrome in the Church - Why We're Failing the Great Commission

Bystander syndrome is rampant in Christianity today, 

leading to a diffusion of responsibility when it comes to evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission. Research shows that 78% of people come to Christ through relationships with family and friends, not church programs. Yet many believers fall prey to excuses like "I'm too busy" or "I don't feel qualified."
All followers of Jesus are called to share the gospel - not just pastors or those with the "gift" of evangelism. It's time to overcome fear and bystander syndrome to become bold witnesses for Christ! Souls hang in the balance.

Key Statistics:

- Only 31% of victims are helped when 5+ bystanders are present in an emergency (bystander effect)
- Most Christians cite relationships as their reason for faith, not church programs
- Only a few said a minister's preaching led to their salvation
- If each Christian leads 1 person to Christ per year, church growth can double!

Common Objections to Evangelism:

- "I'm too busy"
- "I don't feel qualified"
- Fear of rejection
- "I'll offend someone"
- "I don't have the gift of evangelism"
- "I'll share my faith when I feel led to"

Overcoming Excuses:

- Pray for open doors and courage
- Write out your testimony
- Practice sharing your story with Christian friends
- Stay alert to divine opportunities
- Offer to pray for people
- Focus on meeting felt needs first
- Change topics if they aren't interested
- Remember - souls hang in the balance!


- Alcoholic now sober after compassion
- Deaf man healed after shouting gospel
- Homeless man becomes preacher

Take action! The harvest is plentiful. Embrace your call to share the gospel - lives depend on it!

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