Saturday, December 2, 2023

Destiny Awaits - Step into your Prophetic Purpose In Spite of Fear

Overcoming Fear of Your Supernatural Gifting

Are you playing it small instead of boldly walking in your prophetic call? Does uncertainty or anxiety over how others perceive your supernatural talents cause you to hesitate using them? You’re not alone. 

In this empowering podcast

Conrad openly shares his own former struggles with pride, doubts over the accuracy of his giftings, and fear of people’s reactions that kept him from operating fully in prophecy and other spiritual capacities God blessed him with. 

Drawing courage from Scripture and mentors 

who fan spiritual gifts into flame, Conrad offers insightful keys to help fellow Kingdom carriers break intimidation, flow in Spirit-led confidence, and uncage their distinctive divine capacities meant for catalyzing breakthrough.

Tune in to hear practical ways Conrad learned to nurture his prophetic muscle while avoiding pitfalls. How an enhanced understanding of God’s heart emboldened him. Why we mustn’t allow our human tenderness to hinder heavenly callings needing voiced. 

You’ll also discover uplifting stories of how supernaturally Conrad’s needs were met when focused on purpose over provision. How leaning into godly community provides stabilizing ballast through feedback. Why limiting beliefs must relent to God-sized vision backed by Word-fed faith.

The world urgently awaits the full unveiling of your one-of-a-kind spiritual giftings. Get equipped to shake off doubt, embrace conviction, and thrive on the front lines of Kingdom advancement! Destiny awaits the daring ones who will believe. Your moment starts now!

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