Thursday, December 7, 2023

Delivering Difficult Words: Overcoming Fear to Advance God's Kingdom

Delivering Difficult Words: Overcoming Fear to Advance God’s Kingdom

Stepping out in faith to share hard words from God is not easy, but overcoming fear enables us to bring life-changing revelations to those who need them most. This post explores why we must boldly speak God’s truth despite discomfort, as obedience pleases the Lord and failure to do so robs others from receiving His keys to freedom.

Opening Thoughts

In the beginning, it is as if God gives us those “easy” words of knowledge to deliver. But as we grow in the gift, there come the words we don’t really want to deliver - those difficult words too scary to tell people who could react badly. 

Don’t let fear stop you. Here are a couple good reasons to overcome the fear and share the word anyway:

Two Key Reasons to Push Past the Fear

 1. Robbing Someone of a Kingdom Key 

You are robbing the person of a Kingdom Key that could significantly change their life. Words of knowledge can provide divine revelation that sets people on a transformed path. Withholding them could deprive someone of a breakthrough they’ve been waiting for.  

2. Disobeying God

When God gives a word for someone, failing to deliver it means disobedience. As Christ followers, we are called to act as messengers of God’s words even when it’s uncomfortable or intimidating. But taking that leap of faith pleases God.

My Own Experience 

I used to get so many words of knowledge there was no way I could deliver them all. But now they are more rare, so I treasure those moments. Yet sometimes I still give in to fear and don’t share what I should. I inevitably feel remorse afterwards because of the two reasons above.

Just the other day, I met a man I sensed needed a challenging but important word. He was quite imposing physically and I said nothing out of anxiety. This has bothered me greatly ever since, as I wish I could go back and handle it differently. 

But I robbed that man of a Kingdom Key that could have given him a course correction. I was also disobedient in that moment to God. This experience motivates me to push past fear going forward.

Call to Action

I urge all believers to pray for opportunities to advance God's Kingdom through words of knowledge - then have the boldness to speak them in love. Let's not allow intimidation or anxiety to make us miss divine appointments to change lives. That takes faith and courage, but God rewards and strengthens those who obey His call.

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