Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Joy of Revelation


Have you ever received a revelation that continues to unfold meaning over years? 

I had an experience where the Spirit revealed a particular truth that I just couldn't let go of. When it first came to me, I was excited by the insight. I started seeing hints of its meaning everywhere I looked in scripture. I would pray and meditate on it daily, taking notes as I went. For a while, it felt like everywhere I turned in the Bible this revelation stared back at me. 

Going Stale

After some time though, my momentum stalled. I stopped gaining new traction on its implications. I relegated the revelation to my backburner - still precious but not an active pursuit.


Then suddenly, I had a breakthrough. By grace, I gained a far deeper grasp of the same revelation. With fresher eyes I saw connections that eluded me before and understood more profound layers of meaning. The renewal of insight was mind-blowing, spurring genuine life transformation.

Seek God diligently!

Seeking God intently can spur these exciting cycles - plateaus punctuated by dramatic glimpses behind the veil. The process awakens awe and wonder like little else. I'm reminded it's a wild ride more should experience. 

Can you relate to the Spirit surfacing insight, then continually revisiting it throughout Scripture until it reshapes your worldview? The journey truly changes you.

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