Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ocean Springs Speaks - The State of the Church

Interviewing the people of Ocean Springs on what they think about the current state of the church.

Going to an art festival but never made it;
Getting shut down for interviews;
An elderly navy man opines about the church;
Politics and religion;
People in Military need bibles;
A church problem? or a family problem? ;
Moms in the workforce and school dropouts;
HomeSchooling mom interview;
The word of God needs preeminence in the church;
We don't need fancy lights or fog machines;
Monologue verses dialogue;
Arrive at Art festival with lots of people;
Military Lady opines about the church;
The church is divided;
The focus should be on Jesus;
Bible not opinions;
One on one discipleship not one to many;
The Spirit and worship;
Unbelievers refused to opine;
Man on park bench opines;
We the people are the church;
Staying connected to the vine;
Shares his testimony overcoming drugs;
68-year-old lady ignored on HWY 90;

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