Saturday, December 11, 2021

Jennifer Cotney Interview - Testimony and Homeless Ministry

Interview with Jennifer Cotney from Christian Mix 106. 

Jennifer shares her testimony, about Christian Mix 106, and the Homeless Ministry in New Orleans.

Jennifer shares her testimony for Jesus;

God moves in Jennifer's children;
Jennifer experiences church;
Not feeling worthy of grace;
Surrendering completely to Jesus;
Husband gets saved;
Jennifer and ChristianMix106;
Kids and the homeless;
Local churches ministering to the homeless;
Disobedience and the aftermath;
Seeking God for needs;
A moving story about Wendy;
The city and homeless sweeps;
Hurricane Ida category 4 hits New Orleans;
Aftermath of Ida and it's impact on the homeless;
Still fixing her house after Ida;
Reach Jennifer at
Jennifer Prays;


From Homeless to Evangelist - John Roush - John was once homeless and is now an on fire evangelist for Jesus Christ. John explains how he spiraled down into homelessness and how God saved him. This interview is for his new book - The Lamb and the Homeless Man.


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