Saturday, February 26, 2022

God Sends Prophetic Mentors in His timing

God sends mentors

In this episode of "Coffee with Conrad," Conrad discusses the importance of having prophetic mentors in your Christian journey. He shares his own experiences with the prophetic and offers insight on how to discern if a prophecy is coming from the heart or from the mouth of the Lord. He also encourages listeners to find their passion, get disciplined in their calling, and continually seek the truth through prayer and reading the Bible.

If we diligently seek God, He sends us mentors 

Prophesying from the heart Jer 23:16;
Blown away by the supernatural;
Man flew me to prophetic conference;
The cannon ball vision;
We prophesy in part 1 Cor 13:9;
Don't interpret if you don't have it;
We need prophetic mentoring;
Why cartoon visions? ;
God sends mentors if you seek Him diligently;

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