Saturday, February 12, 2022

Observing Solomon Part 2 - Contrasts Explored

Looking further into Solomon from the lens of scripture, we can see that Solomon had wives, wine, wisdom, wealth, women. And he still blew it for Israel.

Continuing to explore contrasts;
The spirit of Depression while studying;
Did Solomon prophesy his demise?;
No biblical evidence that Solomon ever repented;
Did Solomon have mentors to guide him?;
John Alexander Dowie downfall parallels;
Solomon relied on Wisdom over Relationship;
Did wisdom lead to pride and then a fall?;
Cast your bread upon the waters Ecc 11:1;
What did Solomon mean?;
How does this fit with what Jesus teaches?;
Eat, Drink, and be Merry Ecclesiastes 8:15;
Jesus, Paul, God, and Solomon contrast;
Does money answer ALL things?;
Musing on the word ‘all’ ;
Attenuating what he means;
The sum of Thy Word is Truth Psalm 119:160 SV;
The dead know nothing Ecc 9:5;
Old Testament confirmation Vs New Testament;
Old Testament Soul Sleep idea;
Which Covenant is in Focus? ;
Weightier Matters and the Words in Red;
The Authority of Jesus over others;
Jesus is Greater than Solomon and the Temple;
Scriptures and Salvation through Faith in Jesus;
2 Timothy 3:15-17 scriptures are inspired by God;
Did Solomon judge as he said in the beginning?;



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