Saturday, August 6, 2022

Get on the Fast Track with a Mentor

Get  on the Fast Track!

Get on the fast track to your calling and gifting in Jesus with the help of mentors. In this episode of Coffee with Conrad, Conrad discusses the importance of being mentored and finding mentors in our spiritual journeys. Learn how to overcome loneliness as a Christian and follow the guidance of the Spirit of Truth to grow in maturity. Don't miss this inspiring and practical conversation on mentorship in the Christian faith.

Mentors are important!

Show Notes:

Getting settled into Indianapolis;
Mentoring is important;
We learn from people that are further along than us;
Priscilla and Aquilla disciple Appolos;
Precise Geography and Time orchestration;
One conversation led to a town coming to Jesus;
The circumstances that led to meeting Garry Nesbit;
Roy Burton and Garry Nesbit deliverance encounter;
Kingdom demonstration, not eloquent speech;
Garry helped quicken some scriptures;
Public ministry in public is mentoring;
Open your mouth about Jesus;


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