Saturday, October 8, 2022

How the Spirit of Truth shows us Things to Come

Prayer Walk Revelation 

I grabbed my guitar and worshipped, and the Spirit led me to grab my microphone and go on a prayer walk.  As I was walking and talking, the revelation turned toward how the spirit of Truth shows us things to come. I give a practical example of how this works in real life.  

Spirit of Truth shows us things to come

Show Notes:
The spirit and the microphone;
The ‘feeling’ rabbit trail;
Ezekiel's' river and the spirit ;
Don't seek feelings;
Open your mouth and I will fill it;
The flow of the spirit;
Starting off in worship;
Wading into the river;
Spirit of Truth guides us;
Spirit shows us something in prayer;
The red ladder significance;
External spirit versus internal heart;
Reasoning is different than the spirit;
Knowing the Word to learn the spirit;
Continuing in the word for freedom;
Paul persecuted Christians;
Prophecy testifies of Jesus;
John taught them up to a point;
Believe that you receive rabbit trail;

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