Saturday, October 8, 2022

How the Spirit of Truth shows us Things to Come

Prayer Walk Revelation 

I grabbed my guitar and worshipped, and the Spirit led me to grab my microphone and go on a prayer walk.  As I was walking and talking, the revelation turned toward how the spirit of Truth shows us things to come. I give a practical example of how this works in real life.  

Spirit of Truth shows us things to come

In this Podcast, Conrad discusses how the Spirit of Truth leads believers into a deeper understanding of truth and reveals future events to them. He encourages viewers to prioritize seeking the kingdom of God and His ways through prayer and Bible study. Conrad also highlights the role of the Holy Spirit in enabling believers to overcome the resistance of their flesh and bring revelation and guidance through the Word of God. He shares his own experience of seeking the presence of God and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, and emphasizes the importance of being genuine and authentic in prayer and worship.

Show Notes:

The spirit and the microphone;
The ‘feeling’ rabbit trail;
Ezekiel's' river and the spirit ;
Don't seek feelings;
Open your mouth and I will fill it;
The flow of the spirit;
Starting off in worship;
Wading into the river;
Spirit of Truth guides us;
Spirit shows us something in prayer;
The red ladder significance;
External spirit versus internal heart;
Reasoning is different than the spirit;
Knowing the Word to learn the spirit;
Continuing in the word for freedom;
Paul persecuted Christians;
Prophecy testifies of Jesus;
John taught them up to a point;
Believe that you receive rabbit trail;

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